Nigeria is still not the richest country in Africa despite being Africa's largest economy. Meanwhile this is attributed to the country bad government and corruption.

 The government has not made strong effort to diversify the economy to some other sectors, The government only focus on crude oil which is the main source of the country revenue. Unlike South Africa economy is diversified. South Africa's stock exchange is rated the 18th largest in the world.

Nigeria doesn't fit well among the richest African countries because few Nigeria make billions of naira at the expense of millions of poor Nigerians. The country would definitely emerge as Africa's richest country in view of its massive GDP with the largest market of 160million. Nigeria has the highest GDP of $594.257 billion. It is Africa's foremost economy but  with regard to it's massive GDP (PPP) per capita of $6,003.9

The country's economy is marjoly dependent on the oil sector with low focus on ot…


After being the first at Jersey, losing all friendly games and suffering two goals against Croatia on Saturday (june 16 2018). What is the potential of winning the FIFA World Cup RUSSIA 2018?

All the teams in group D are tough teams. Take  a look at Argentina having the World Best player in their team (lionel messi). Although he might not have performed well in the last match but everybody knows he's coming back to revenge. Argentina doesn't   lack good player they've player like (lionel messi, kun agรผero, angel Di Maria, Giovanni, otamendi and mascherano). Which player in Nigeria team is up to these Players level. Moreover which teams has the possibility of winning against Lionel Messi as a World Best player with his very talented football skills. Since 1994 Nigeria has only won twice against Argentina out of eight matches. And up till date Nigeria don't have the assurance of winning against Argentina.

While  the other team in the group (Iceland) has a very strong de…

5 best page to follow on facebook 2018. Latest | boladris |

Hi, most people get confused when it comes to finding a nice page to follow on facebook and sometimes you just feel bored when scrolling down your news feed and not seeing interesting post.
Don't worry about that because I've got nice pages for you to look at including their names, about and link to the page.

The following article contain the list of pages you should follow.

1. Jay Shetty

 Jay Shetty is a huffington post featured vlogger, motivational philosopher, keynote speaker, urban monk. He is the creator invisible word, short film series on YouTube and coach to several corporations.

Link to Jay Shetty ๐Ÿ‘‡

2. Prince Ea

For daily inspiration post

Link to Prince Ea ๐Ÿ‘‡

3. Hashem   Al-ghaili

This page is dedicated for sharing passion of science, technology and nature to everyone.

Link to Hashem Al-ghalil ๐Ÿ‘‡

4. Nas Daily

It's a page that 1 minute video is been…